Wednesday, April 19, 2017

VirtacoinPlus Has Gone Mobile!

Statement From Admin.


"As part of the effort to make VirtacoinPlus a universal cryptocurrency that cut across the length and breadth of this universe, the community is hereby introducing to “The People”, VirtacoinPlus mobile app for Android. The Android app is unique in every way. It has gone through a series of test by some of our community members and it is believed to be, if not the fastest then one of the fastest mobile wallets in cryptography. It comes with ultramodern features ready to be used immediately it is downloaded. Here are some of it’s features …. • Color backgrounds that can be changed to meet anyone’s specification. • Transactions are sent and received in less than a second. • QR code scanner • Wallet Encryption • Wallet backup and restore • Wallet address begins with “3”. • Shared Wallet system • Add Wallet (Create, Join or Import) VirtacoinPlus android app has been created to meet the community requirement and it’s ready for you. As we keep moving forward, more works are being done to make XVP more useable in our everyday life where you don’t need to convert to any other cryptocurrency before spending. We believe this and many more put will bring a shining light to our community and our coin hence it’s name “The People’s Coin”.
We’ll continue to build or develop any service that will take XVP to the world, invest on this great promising coin and see it becoming global acceptable cryptocurrency.

Some of our community members' replies to this statement: