Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fastest Desktop Wallet On the Internet!

      The primary aim of having a desktop wallet is to securely store coins; however, it is also used to support the system through mining, and staking, as wells as, being rewarded with new coins in return.  VirtacoinPlus is the fastest desktop wallet on the internet. Why?  You may ask. Recently, someone offered to transfer some XVPs into my desktop wallet (Bless his soul!), and he asked me to confirm when they would be deposited. We were both pleasantly surprised on how fast the transfer had gone through.  Within a couple of seconds, the transaction was confirmed.  In my experience, there are no other wallets either online or desktop that I know of that transfers digital coins that quick.
     Most online or desktop wallets takes a few minutes, sometime longer for transaction(s) to be completed, but NOT VirtacoinPlus desktop wallet.  Not only that it is fast, but it also offers a 60-second block time target, X11 hashing algorithm, difficulty re-targeted every 15 blocks, POW reward 2.7 coins per block reduced to 0.1 each year, stake interest of 7% annually, minimum stake age/24 hours/one year max.  In my opinion, these are quite some impressive incentives form our VirtacoinPlus Community.  This is only one component that our team has to offer.  There is lots more on the way in the very near future.  I strongly suggest people get on board immediately.  So far, I have not heard of anyone having regrets being part of the VirtacoinPlus Group, nor do I believe anyone will.  All good comments from the team members within, admins, and newbies stepping in.  A bright future begins here for everyone who wants it.  Get ready world; here we come!