Wednesday, April 19, 2017

VirtacoinPlus Has Gone Mobile!

Statement From Admin.


"As part of the effort to make VirtacoinPlus a universal cryptocurrency that cut across the length and breadth of this universe, the community is hereby introducing to “The People”, VirtacoinPlus mobile app for Android. The Android app is unique in every way. It has gone through a series of test by some of our community members and it is believed to be, if not the fastest then one of the fastest mobile wallets in cryptography. It comes with ultramodern features ready to be used immediately it is downloaded. Here are some of it’s features …. • Color backgrounds that can be changed to meet anyone’s specification. • Transactions are sent and received in less than a second. • QR code scanner • Wallet Encryption • Wallet backup and restore • Wallet address begins with “3”. • Shared Wallet system • Add Wallet (Create, Join or Import) VirtacoinPlus android app has been created to meet the community requirement and it’s ready for you. As we keep moving forward, more works are being done to make XVP more useable in our everyday life where you don’t need to convert to any other cryptocurrency before spending. We believe this and many more put will bring a shining light to our community and our coin hence it’s name “The People’s Coin”.
We’ll continue to build or develop any service that will take XVP to the world, invest on this great promising coin and see it becoming global acceptable cryptocurrency.

Some of our community members' replies to this statement:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fastest Desktop Wallet On the Internet!

      The primary aim of having a desktop wallet is to securely store coins; however, it is also used to support the system through mining, and staking, as wells as, being rewarded with new coins in return.  VirtacoinPlus is the fastest desktop wallet on the internet. Why?  You may ask. Recently, someone offered to transfer some XVPs into my desktop wallet (Bless his soul!), and he asked me to confirm when they would be deposited. We were both pleasantly surprised on how fast the transfer had gone through.  Within a couple of seconds, the transaction was confirmed.  In my experience, there are no other wallets either online or desktop that I know of that transfers digital coins that quick.
     Most online or desktop wallets takes a few minutes, sometime longer for transaction(s) to be completed, but NOT VirtacoinPlus desktop wallet.  Not only that it is fast, but it also offers a 60-second block time target, X11 hashing algorithm, difficulty re-targeted every 15 blocks, POW reward 2.7 coins per block reduced to 0.1 each year, stake interest of 7% annually, minimum stake age/24 hours/one year max.  In my opinion, these are quite some impressive incentives form our VirtacoinPlus Community.  This is only one component that our team has to offer.  There is lots more on the way in the very near future.  I strongly suggest people get on board immediately.  So far, I have not heard of anyone having regrets being part of the VirtacoinPlus Group, nor do I believe anyone will.  All good comments from the team members within, admins, and newbies stepping in.  A bright future begins here for everyone who wants it.  Get ready world; here we come!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Adversity Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

Our community is committed in working together as team, not only for our members, but as well as, for all humanity.  This is our main mission.  I know it is a fact, that some of our members, including myself, are working countless hours; I mean 24/7 to help this communal reach its goals. 

I just recently learned that there is an individual and/or individuals who is maliciously trying to sabotage our community.  However, we are not going to crumble under such deceitfulness.  We are bigger and stronger than that.  We are focus, and no one, nor anything, is going to deter us from our main goal of which we set out to accomplish.

I grew up believing that Adversity makes the heart grow fonder.   It is staring me in the face once again, like so many other times I have encountered in my life.  What do I say to this?  I accept the challenge.
My feelings toward this "ENCOUNTER, OR, TEST, OR, TRIAL" however, you want to name it.  "How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged".  

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Easter From VirtacoinPlus Community!!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spreading Joy Worldwide!

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Get ready for something spectacular.  Now is the perfect time to get on board!  It's not too late.  Our market is about to explode. When it does, which it will be in the very near future, our Community is confident that the value of our coin will go up dramatically. ViratacoinPlus is ready to spread joy worldwide.   I'm not just handing out hot air filled balloons.!  What I have seen, and heard,  it's REAL, and it's HUGE!  If you don't believe me yet, that's Ok.  Just watch, and observe all trading exchanges which has our coin (XVP) listed.  If you don't know which one they are, check out my "Trading Exchanges Page".

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is The World Ready For Us?

Seven hundred different crypto-currencies that are floating around on the internet, trying to make it to the top, next to Bitcoin.  Wow!  There are many choices out there, which mean lots of competition.  This could be overwhelming at first glance, however, for me, the choice was clear.  When I was introduced to the VirtacoinPlus Community, I saw the determination, motivation, vision, hard working for the people kind of team. That is the type of individuals that I want to follow.  In my opinion, this Community is a force to be reckon with.  We have a 24/7 help line on Facebook, and a VirtacoinPlus Community Group on WhatApp; a fast, if not the fastest transfer desktop to desktop wallet; many professionals in their field (i.e developers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, etc.); multi-lingual communication; specifications (such as a Hybrid PoWIPoS crypto-currency, 60 sec. block time target, X11 hashing algorithm, difficulty re-targeted every 15 blocks, POW reward 2.7 coins per block, reduce to 0.1 each year, Stake interest of 7% annually, minimum stake age/24 hours/one year max.); mining pools; Block Chain, and Block Explorer; exchanges plus stock markets; news plus constant updates; forums on bitcointalk, and reddit; and transparency.  This is just the tip of Iceberg sorta speak of what we offer. Lots more to come.  These are some of the reasons why I chose the VirtacoinPlus crypto-currency.   I am proud to be part of this Community. I felt the need to share this information with the world.  I am convinced it will help many people to reach financial freedom.  I heard it directly from the members mouths.  WE ARE READY FOR THE WORLD, IS THE WORLD READY FOR US?

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

To My Surprise!

Everyone knows there has been a trend going on for quite some time now; I am talking about the Crypto-Currency digital world.  Right?  Wrong! Believe or not; I came across some people in my region that have no idea what are crypto-currency coins.  I was some surprised to see their perplex look on their faces when I mentioned it. It was not only one generation, but three? I spoke to three different individuals: one elderly, one middle age, and one teenager.   It blew my mind.  In this day in age, with all Medias available at our disposal, how could this be possible?  I asked myself the question, how many other people out there that have no idea of what it is? I think you get the picture. You are probably wondering where I am going with this.  

Because of these three people, it motivated me even more to reach out to as many people worldwide as I can.  I do not want to see anyone miss-out on a great opportunity of investing into the crypto world.  In my opinion, the way the economy is going right now, we must act IMMEDIATELY to invest in our FUTURE not only for ourselves, and our love ones, but for all mankind.  As well, I believe we must all join as one to fight this monster of worldwide recession once and for all.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rags to Riches!

Follow the VirtacoinPlus Community!  It has the potential to bring you from RAGS to RICHES! We are progressing quite well as a team.  Our circle is growing every day in leaps and bounds. As well, our coin is moving in the right direction.  Bigger and better things on the horizon for this awesome crypto-currency.  I suggest joining immediately because I want to see as many people as possible reaping the benefits of this great coin.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Discover the Real Me!


A self introductory video of who I am and what I do.

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You can buy and trade on BLEUTRADE by clicking here:

You can buy and trade on POSWallet by clicking here:

How to Earn VirtacoinPlus (XVP) Coins!

There are ways to earn VirtacoinPlus (XVP) coins while promoting them,  and helping the entire Community at the same time. 

The 1st thing you must do is to apply for an online VirtacoinPlus wallet by clicking on this link:  By logging in, you will find your online wallet address, as well as your referral link by clicking the Promotion Tab.  Now you are ready to begin sharing it as many places possible (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Forums (Reddit, Bitcointalk), Instagram, just to name a few).

List your referral link on the Traffic Exchange listed below...then surf, and collect! That's all you need to do; it's that simple.  Happy Surfing!!

1. (list your xvp online wallet address)

In addition to the above, there is another great way to earn XVPs as Mr. Balvio Balvio mentions below:

Balvio Balvio
April 27 at 4:52pm
"Dear VirtaCoinPlus member,
This email is part of a series that will focus on how to get more XVP in your online VirtaCoinPlus wallet.
VirtaCoinPlus is a community effort. Only if we all work together will we succeed in raising the value of XVP. Every single member is important - YOU are important!
If you cannot afford to spend real money on getting more VirtaCoinPlus then you will be pleased to know there are many ways to earn XVP by performing some simple tasks. By doing a task you are not only getting some XVP in your wallet you're also helping the XVP community to get stronger by the day!
This time we're going to work on more publicity for our coin. Please go to and click on the the green 'like' (thumbs up) button just below the 'VirtacoinPlus' text.
Next, scroll down and click the 'like' button on all the comments.
That's it! Of course, you can do your own XVP review too.
After you have cicked all the 'likes' on, send an email to xvpwallet@gmail.comand put
- 'TASK 2' in the subject and
- the NAME of one of the commenters on and
in the body of the email.
if all is OK we will send 2.5 XVP directly to your online wallet!
More tasks will become available in the next weeks.
If you do them ALL you could become a VirtaCoinPlus Millionaire!
PS. Please follow the steps above EXACTLY to receive your 2.5 XVP reward!
Thank you for using our services.
VirtaCoinWallet Administration
VirtacoinPlus - RevEx - Review favorite Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges and Gambling sites"

It gets even better, not only do you earn these coins by completing these simple tasks, but you also receive a staking of 2.7% return on your coins.  Now! Doesn't it sound like a win-win situation for everyone?